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It is clear that for several decades there has been a worldwide controversy about the UFO phenomenon. It is natural that there are people who are skeptical and doubt about the origin of UFOs, even of their existence, even though the Pentagon has admitted that they are real. And we also find people who are sure that ETs are observing us, and some even claim that they are infiltrating our governments. What not everyone knows is that ETs themselves have promoted and fueled this Controversy. Why?


Many people dislike the fact that the evidence about UFOs is not conclusive, or always leaves room for doubt. If ETs really exist, and they are observing us, why don't they show themselves openly?

I have been studying for more than 14 years the evidence of Billy Meier's case, knowing that there are other less clear cases, but since it is the one that provides the most evidence, it allows scientific investigations of his photos and videos. I have come to the conclusion that it is real, and that they, the ETs, are not interested in "convincing" us that they exist, because they know that doing it in an abrupt way, can put us in trouble.

Clearly the subject of the UFO phenomenon has been gaining importance, and every day more and more people are taking it seriously. We, the investigators of this phenomenon, are no longer mercilessly mocked, although there are still some Trolls who want to make themselves heard.

Why don't ETs come out in the open and make it clear once and for all that they are here? The answer is that this is a gradual process. It cannot be done quickly. Humanity must awaken little by little and they are very patient. We have long remained in darkness, and the rays of the Sun in the new dawn to see the reality of our existence can mow us down. The dawn of humanity is gradual. So they make their demonstrations in a way that always leaves room for doubt, for example, by imitating a scale model hanging from a thread, even if it is a flying ship of 7 meters in diameter, dancing around a tree that will exist 30 years in the future. Simply put, skeptics see something that looks fake, and assume it is fake without actually studying it in detail. This provides an escape exit for those who are not prepared to understand this reality. 

Clearly the ETs message is: (1) We are not alone, they are looking out for us (2) We must solve our problems ourselves and they can give us good recommendations on how to do so... if we want to listen to them. (3) The origin of the human race is extraterrestrial. We are the mixture of several star travelers who have come in the past to Earth, stayed here and have forgotten our origin. (4) Difficult times are coming. We must be wise and patient to face the future. 

For more information see my video "Why ETs are hiding".


Or read the first chapter of the book "They Are Here", on the Worldwide Controversy of the UFO Phenomenon.



Es claro que ha existido por varias décadas una Controversia Mundial sobre el fenómeno OVNI. Es natural que existan personas que sean escépticas y duden sobre el origen de los OVNIS, aún de su existencia, a pesar de que el Pentágono haya admitido que son reales. Y también encontramos personas que están seguras que los ETs nos están observando, algunos incluso llegan a afirmar que se encuentran infiltrados en nuestros gobiernos. Lo que no todos saben, es que los mismos ETs han promovido y alimentado esa Controversia. ¿Por qué?

A muchas personas les desagrada que la pruebas sobre OVNIS no sean contundentes, o dejen siempre lugar para la duda. Si realmente existen los ETs, y nos observan, ¿Por qué no se dejan ver abiertamente?

He venido estudiando por más de 14 años la evidencia del caso de Billy Meier, sabiendo que hay otros casos menos impactantes, pero como es el que más evidencia provee, permite hacer investigaciones científicas de sus fotos y sus videos. He llegado a la conclusión de que es real, y que ellos, los ETs, no les interesa “convencernos” de que ellos existen, pues saben que hacerlo de manera brusca, puede ponernos en problemas.

Claramente el tema del fenómeno OVNI ha venido adquiriendo importancia y cada día hay más personas lo toman en serio. Ya no se burlan despiadadamente de nosotros, los investigadores de este fenómeno, aunque aún haya algunos Trolls queriendo hacerse escuchar.

¿Por qué los ETs no se presentan abiertamente y aclaran de una vez por todas que ellos están aquí? La respuesta es que esto es un proceso gradual. No se puede hacer rápidamente. La humanidad debe ir despertando poco a poco y ellos son muy pacientes. Hemos permaneció por mucho tiempo en la oscuridad, y los rayos del Sol en el nuevo amanecer para ver la realidad de nuestra existencia nos pueden segar. El amanecer de la humanidad es gradual. Entonces ellos hacen sus demostraciones de una manera que siempre deja espacio para la duda, por ejemplo, imitando un modelo a escala colgado de un hilo, aun cuando se trate de una nave voladora de 7 metros de diámetro, danzando alrededor de un árbol que existirá 30 años más adelante. Simplemente, los escépticos ven algo que parece falso, y suponen que es falso sin en realidad estudiarlo en detalle. Esto provee una puerta de escape a aquellos que no están preparados para comprender esta realidad. 

Claramente el mensaje de los ETs es: (1) No estamos solos, ellos están pendientes de nosotros (2) Debemos resolver nuestros problemas por nosotros mismos y ellos nos pueden dar buenas recomendaciones sobre cómo hacerlo… si queremos escucharlas. (3) El origen de la raza humana es extraterrestre. Somos la mezcla de varios viajeros estelares que hemos venido en el pasado a la Tierra, nos hemos  quedado aquí y hemos olvidado nuestro origen. (4) Vienen tiempos difíciles. Debemos ser sabios y pacientes para afrontarlos.  

Para más información ver mi video “Por qué se esconden los ETs”

O leer primer capítulo del libro “Ellos Están Aquí”, sobre la Controversia Mundial del Fenómeno OVNI.




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(Versión en Español más abajo)

Some people wonder where the frequently observed UFOs come from. The Pentagon admits they are real. We watch videos in which we sometimes see devices that travel very fast, in such a way that our eyes cannot detect them, but they are recorded in our smart phones. Could they be extraterrestrial beings, visitors from the future, or intraterrestrial beings that are watching us with concern?

Around the year 1996 I met a senior man who told us extraordinary experiences. We were giving a personal growth course and this mysterious man, more than 70 years old, came to us, accompanied by his wife, and they told us about interesting experiences. He said that sometimes he would think of turning on a light and the switch would activate itself. Other times when passing by a market, he would concentrate and make some merchandise fall from the shelves using some mysterious power of his mind. He seemed to have fun doing that. We didn't see him do any demonstrations showing us the powers he said he had, but he did tell us that he had dreams and saw great disasters coming, and in particular he talked about huge waves crashing on the coasts and killing many people. Years later, after the Indian Ocean and Japanese tsunamis, I remembered his predictions.

One of the extraordinary stories that this very particular man told us was something that happened to him when he was a child. He lived in a rural area and one day walking alone near a mountain he saw in front of him a huge tunnel that opened into the interior of the mountain. It was a circular tunnel with very smooth walls, as if it were an entrance way to some inner and secret place inside the mountain. He did not dare to enter, and returned later with some friends, but found nothing; the tunnel had disappeared and the mountain had returned to its normal appearance.

I know of some legends of inner cities and places on Earth, such as Agartha under the Himalayas, or Erks in southern South America, and others elsewhere. And it is quite possible that such stories and legends have a real basis.

Today it is interesting to hear Billy Meier's account of this race of people with slightly bluish skin. He saw two of them talking to a Buddhist monk who was the director of an ashram in India. Billy was about 22 years old. It was the Ashoka Ashram where he took pictures of UFOs and where Asket arrived with his space fellows. At the Ashram lived for a while a 9 year old girl, Phobol Cheng, who over the years would become the representative to the United Nations on behalf of Cambodia. You can watch Phobol's story about her experiences and how she met Asket in this video. And Phobol mentions seeing her grandfather talking to two mysterious beings who disappeared. Could they be a couple from the kingdom of Agartha? Do the legends of Buddhist monks talking to these wise beings from the inner world of Agartha have a basis in fact?


Billy Meier describes a little more in detail these blue beings, from an Intraterrestrial city, in this extraordinary interview that can be found in Michael Horn's Youtube channel.

In my personal concept, they, from more than one Intraterrestrial race, share this planet with us. They are concerned about what we may cause to our environment and perhaps they try to raise our level of consciousness in various ways, one of them is to leave mysterious diagrams as the Crop Circles, as messages that go more to our subconscious mind than to our conscious mind. Time will tell if they exist, if they make themselves known and if they share their wisdom with us, the foolish mortals who live and mistreat the surface of this beautiful planet.