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It is clear that for several decades there has been a worldwide controversy about the UFO phenomenon. It is natural that there are people who are skeptical and doubt about the origin of UFOs, even of their existence, even though the Pentagon has admitted that they are real. And we also find people who are sure that ETs are observing us, and some even claim that they are infiltrating our governments. What not everyone knows is that ETs themselves have promoted and fueled this Controversy. Why?


Many people dislike the fact that the evidence about UFOs is not conclusive, or always leaves room for doubt. If ETs really exist, and they are observing us, why don't they show themselves openly?

I have been studying for more than 14 years the evidence of Billy Meier's case, knowing that there are other less clear cases, but since it is the one that provides the most evidence, it allows scientific investigations of his photos and videos. I have come to the conclusion that it is real, and that they, the ETs, are not interested in "convincing" us that they exist, because they know that doing it in an abrupt way, can put us in trouble.

Clearly the subject of the UFO phenomenon has been gaining importance, and every day more and more people are taking it seriously. We, the investigators of this phenomenon, are no longer mercilessly mocked, although there are still some Trolls who want to make themselves heard.

Why don't ETs come out in the open and make it clear once and for all that they are here? The answer is that this is a gradual process. It cannot be done quickly. Humanity must awaken little by little and they are very patient. We have long remained in darkness, and the rays of the Sun in the new dawn to see the reality of our existence can mow us down. The dawn of humanity is gradual. So they make their demonstrations in a way that always leaves room for doubt, for example, by imitating a scale model hanging from a thread, even if it is a flying ship of 7 meters in diameter, dancing around a tree that will exist 30 years in the future. Simply put, skeptics see something that looks fake, and assume it is fake without actually studying it in detail. This provides an escape exit for those who are not prepared to understand this reality. 

Clearly the ETs message is: (1) We are not alone, they are looking out for us (2) We must solve our problems ourselves and they can give us good recommendations on how to do so... if we want to listen to them. (3) The origin of the human race is extraterrestrial. We are the mixture of several star travelers who have come in the past to Earth, stayed here and have forgotten our origin. (4) Difficult times are coming. We must be wise and patient to face the future. 

For more information see my video "Why ETs are hiding".


Or read the first chapter of the book "They Are Here", on the Worldwide Controversy of the UFO Phenomenon.



Es claro que ha existido por varias décadas una Controversia Mundial sobre el fenómeno OVNI. Es natural que existan personas que sean escépticas y duden sobre el origen de los OVNIS, aún de su existencia, a pesar de que el Pentágono haya admitido que son reales. Y también encontramos personas que están seguras que los ETs nos están observando, algunos incluso llegan a afirmar que se encuentran infiltrados en nuestros gobiernos. Lo que no todos saben, es que los mismos ETs han promovido y alimentado esa Controversia. ¿Por qué?

A muchas personas les desagrada que la pruebas sobre OVNIS no sean contundentes, o dejen siempre lugar para la duda. Si realmente existen los ETs, y nos observan, ¿Por qué no se dejan ver abiertamente?

He venido estudiando por más de 14 años la evidencia del caso de Billy Meier, sabiendo que hay otros casos menos impactantes, pero como es el que más evidencia provee, permite hacer investigaciones científicas de sus fotos y sus videos. He llegado a la conclusión de que es real, y que ellos, los ETs, no les interesa “convencernos” de que ellos existen, pues saben que hacerlo de manera brusca, puede ponernos en problemas.

Claramente el tema del fenómeno OVNI ha venido adquiriendo importancia y cada día hay más personas lo toman en serio. Ya no se burlan despiadadamente de nosotros, los investigadores de este fenómeno, aunque aún haya algunos Trolls queriendo hacerse escuchar.

¿Por qué los ETs no se presentan abiertamente y aclaran de una vez por todas que ellos están aquí? La respuesta es que esto es un proceso gradual. No se puede hacer rápidamente. La humanidad debe ir despertando poco a poco y ellos son muy pacientes. Hemos permaneció por mucho tiempo en la oscuridad, y los rayos del Sol en el nuevo amanecer para ver la realidad de nuestra existencia nos pueden segar. El amanecer de la humanidad es gradual. Entonces ellos hacen sus demostraciones de una manera que siempre deja espacio para la duda, por ejemplo, imitando un modelo a escala colgado de un hilo, aun cuando se trate de una nave voladora de 7 metros de diámetro, danzando alrededor de un árbol que existirá 30 años más adelante. Simplemente, los escépticos ven algo que parece falso, y suponen que es falso sin en realidad estudiarlo en detalle. Esto provee una puerta de escape a aquellos que no están preparados para comprender esta realidad. 

Claramente el mensaje de los ETs es: (1) No estamos solos, ellos están pendientes de nosotros (2) Debemos resolver nuestros problemas por nosotros mismos y ellos nos pueden dar buenas recomendaciones sobre cómo hacerlo… si queremos escucharlas. (3) El origen de la raza humana es extraterrestre. Somos la mezcla de varios viajeros estelares que hemos venido en el pasado a la Tierra, nos hemos  quedado aquí y hemos olvidado nuestro origen. (4) Vienen tiempos difíciles. Debemos ser sabios y pacientes para afrontarlos.  

Para más información ver mi video “Por qué se esconden los ETs”

O leer primer capítulo del libro “Ellos Están Aquí”, sobre la Controversia Mundial del Fenómeno OVNI.




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Some people wonder where the frequently observed UFOs come from. The Pentagon admits they are real. We watch videos in which we sometimes see devices that travel very fast, in such a way that our eyes cannot detect them, but they are recorded in our smart phones. Could they be extraterrestrial beings, visitors from the future, or intraterrestrial beings that are watching us with concern?

Around the year 1996 I met a senior man who told us extraordinary experiences. We were giving a personal growth course and this mysterious man, more than 70 years old, came to us, accompanied by his wife, and they told us about interesting experiences. He said that sometimes he would think of turning on a light and the switch would activate itself. Other times when passing by a market, he would concentrate and make some merchandise fall from the shelves using some mysterious power of his mind. He seemed to have fun doing that. We didn't see him do any demonstrations showing us the powers he said he had, but he did tell us that he had dreams and saw great disasters coming, and in particular he talked about huge waves crashing on the coasts and killing many people. Years later, after the Indian Ocean and Japanese tsunamis, I remembered his predictions.

One of the extraordinary stories that this very particular man told us was something that happened to him when he was a child. He lived in a rural area and one day walking alone near a mountain he saw in front of him a huge tunnel that opened into the interior of the mountain. It was a circular tunnel with very smooth walls, as if it were an entrance way to some inner and secret place inside the mountain. He did not dare to enter, and returned later with some friends, but found nothing; the tunnel had disappeared and the mountain had returned to its normal appearance.

I know of some legends of inner cities and places on Earth, such as Agartha under the Himalayas, or Erks in southern South America, and others elsewhere. And it is quite possible that such stories and legends have a real basis.

Today it is interesting to hear Billy Meier's account of this race of people with slightly bluish skin. He saw two of them talking to a Buddhist monk who was the director of an ashram in India. Billy was about 22 years old. It was the Ashoka Ashram where he took pictures of UFOs and where Asket arrived with his space fellows. At the Ashram lived for a while a 9 year old girl, Phobol Cheng, who over the years would become the representative to the United Nations on behalf of Cambodia. You can watch Phobol's story about her experiences and how she met Asket in this video. And Phobol mentions seeing her grandfather talking to two mysterious beings who disappeared. Could they be a couple from the kingdom of Agartha? Do the legends of Buddhist monks talking to these wise beings from the inner world of Agartha have a basis in fact?


Billy Meier describes a little more in detail these blue beings, from an Intraterrestrial city, in this extraordinary interview that can be found in Michael Horn's Youtube channel.

In my personal concept, they, from more than one Intraterrestrial race, share this planet with us. They are concerned about what we may cause to our environment and perhaps they try to raise our level of consciousness in various ways, one of them is to leave mysterious diagrams as the Crop Circles, as messages that go more to our subconscious mind than to our conscious mind. Time will tell if they exist, if they make themselves known and if they share their wisdom with us, the foolish mortals who live and mistreat the surface of this beautiful planet. 


Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Fear, the worst pandemic - El miedo, la peor pandemia

 Fear, the worst pandemic

(Versión en Español más abajo)

We live in a world in sped up transformation. The current crises are the symptom that shows the substantial changes, which may seem difficult to us. And that leads us to create changes in ourselves, such as increasing our patience, resilience and remaining serene, achieving inner peace. The monumental challenge for each of us is to face our greatest enemy, fear.


Today we have a pandemic that has plunged humanity into fear. Perhaps it is time to find that inner peace to face difficult moments, which are moments of change. However, facing the pandemic is not the major challenge, but facing fear.

“Fear” is Humanity’s worst Pandemic. The future will remember this technological middle age that we are living as the time of terror ... not because of terrorism, but because of the fear that we carry within. That fear that triggers wars, that forces us to buy useless things to defend ourselves from an enemy that does not exist, that fear that separates us from others when we are one. Each being must fight to defeat his worst enemy: the fear that he carries within. When we defeat it, we will fly free towards the stars after having submerged ourselves in our inner ocean.

Tools that I recommend facing our inner fears and develop inner peace:

·         Deep and rhythmic breathing.

·         Self-observation of our breathing.

·         Self-observation of our thoughts.

·         Observe ourselves from the outside as the loving and wise father or mother (our inner being) who observes his/her child (our current personality).

·         Walk surrounded by nature.

·         Meditation.

 I recommend two of my books to further expand these ideas:

El Sendero Interior (in Spanish only). On paper and Kindle format. This book helps us to identify ourselves as that loving father or mother who watches his son, our personality. It describes a process of several steps to get to practice a very simple meditation, with no religious approach but spiritual. LINK



Blue Planet Mission (Available in English and Spanish). In paper and electronic format. It is a fictional novel that describes the future changes that are coming for humanity. It describes an extraterrestrial vision of our world. He comes to Earth in search of a lost colleague and faces a world that affects him. This novel is also about cosmic love.  LINK



El miedo, la peor pandemia

Vivimos en un mundo en transformación acelerada. Las crisis actuales son el síntoma que demuestra los grandes cambios, que nos pueden parecer difíciles. Y eso nos lleva a crear cambios en nosotros mismos, tales como aumentar nuestra paciencia, la resiliencia y permanecer serenos logrando tener paz interior. El gran reto de cada uno de nosotros es el de enfrentar nuestro mayor enemigo, el miedo

Hoy tenemos una pandemia que ha sumido a la humanidad en el miedo. Quizás es hora de encontrar esa paz interior para enfrentar momentos difíciles, que son momentos de cambio. Sin embargo, enfrentar la pandemia no es el gran reto, sino enfrentar el miedo.

El "miedo" es la peor Pandemia de la Humanidad. El futuro recordará esta edad media tecnológica que estamos viviendo como la época del terror... no por el terrorismo, sino por el miedo que llevamos dentro. Ese miedo que desencadena guerras, que nos obliga a comprar cosas inútiles para defendernos de un enemigo que no existe, ese miedo que nos separa de los demás cuando realmente somos uno. Cada ser debe luchar por derrotar a su peor enemigo: el miedo que lleva dentro. Cuando lo venzamos podremos volar libres hacia las estrellas, luego de habernos sumergido en nuestro océano interior.

Herramientas que recomiendo para enfrentar nuestros temores internos y desarrollar la paz interior:

 ·       Respiración profunda y rítmica.

·         Auto observación de nuestra respiración.

·         Auto observación de nuestros pensamientos.

·         Observarnos desde afuera, como la visión del padre o la madre amorosa y sabia (nuestro ser interior) que observa a su hijo (nuestra personalidad actual).

·         Caminar rodeado de naturaleza.

·         Meditación.


 Recomiendo dos de mis libros para expandir más estas ideas:

El Sendero Interior (actualmente solo en Español). En papel y en formato Kindle. Este libro nos ayuda a identificarnos como ese padre o madre amorosa que observas a su hijo, nuestra personalidad. Describe un proceso de varios pasos para llegar a practicar un meditación muy sencilla, sin ningún enfoque religioso pero si espiritual.  ENLACE



Misión Planeta Azul (Disponible en Ingles y en Español). En papel y formato electrónico. Es una novela de ficción que describe los cambios futuros que vienen para la humanidad. Es la visión de un ser extraterrestre que viene a la Tierra en busca de un colega perdido y se enfrenta a un mundo que no conoce. Es también una historia de amor cósmico. ENLACE




Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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This is a blog to explains in simple terms why Nazca mummies discovery is very important. A few mummies have been investigated for one year by several investigators around the world. There are in general two types of mummies. One of them that looks similar to human beings (“Maria”, a human-like woman, and Wawita a small baby). They have 3 long fingers on hands and feet, no ears, big eyes, and big brain, and have reptilian characteristics. And the second type, small mummies, no more than 60 cm tall, that also have reptilian characteristics as “Maria”, but looks different. Both are reptilian.


It shows human-like unknown species, not related to mammals’ evolution. It shows us either there was another evolutionary branch on Earth from dinosaurs, not common to human ancestors, or we are looking at new species that came from another place, not originated on Earth. More investigations are required.  


Two years ago a “guaquero” (grave robber) went to Incari institute in Cuzco to show these mummies. Incari promoted an investigation, contacting Peruvian authorities without success. Jaime Maussan (Tercer Milenio) got involved in the initial investigations, and then GAIA participated, paying most of the scientific investigations. Now more international investigators are participating because the evidence is real and shows a significant discovery.


Yes. Several studies have been made by the international investigators, some of them from Peru, Mexico, Switzerland, USA, Russia and other places. The analyses made: taxonomy, biological, Carbon 14, several DNA analyses, X rays, tomography, among others. DNA shows 15% to 30% similarity to human beings. Chimpanzees are more than 99% similar to human beings. Even these mummies have human-like characteristics they are not human, not from our same evolutionary branch. They have been evolved from a different branch, from dinosaurs. They are not mammals. These mummies have not been recently altered and are in good preservation state because of diatomite dust that covers them.


Scientific skepticism is one of the barriers. Many scientists, without evaluating the evidence, have been opposed to this discovery. This is a natural reaction that has been happening in the past with several important new discoveries. It is good to have skeptics participating in the analysis. One of the most important criticisms is about the lack of scientific analysis by archaeologists. One Peruvian anthropologist is studying the site where they could come from, but he has received a lot of pressure and threats for his work.

Another barrier is the lack of interest of Peruvian authorities.  (Scepticism?). Currently, a congressman in Peru is presenting a law to encourage an official control and promote official investigation of these mummies.

And the barrier of a well-established mafia in the Nazca and Ica region. Several “guaqueros” (grave robbers) are extracting mummies and selling them to international collectors. In some cases, they find gold pieces in the tombs.  It is a business that if there is an official control, with archaeologist, anthropologist and several scientists investigating this case, it will affect the black market of selling Peruvian mummies.

The “guaquero” (grave robber) that allowed scientists to study the mummies wants to collaborate with authorities but he is worried about legal implications. He is willing to give the mummies to official authorities and even show the location where he found them.


Carbon 14 shows they are from up to 7000 years ago. DNA shows they are not human related, not from our own evolutionary branch. Some of them have metallic implants, in some case, the metal is unknown (more investigations are required). One of the little mummies has three eggs inside. Investigations show the eggs are real, like reptilian eggs. See more details in this recent press conference (in Spanish right now).



Este es un blog que explica en términos simples por qué el descubrimiento de las Momias de Nazca es importante. Algunas momias han sido analizadas por cerca de un año por varios investigadores de varios sitios del mundo. En general hay dos tipos de momias. Una de ella es similar a un ser humano (“Maria”, similar a una mujer, y un pequeño bebé). Ellos tienen tres dedos largos en pies y manos, sin orejas, ojos y cerebro grandes y tienen características de reptil. Y el segundo tipo de momias de baja estatura, no más de 60 cm, que también tiene características como “María”, pero son diferentes. Ambos son reptiles.


Este caso nos muestra la existencia de especies de apariencia humana, pero no relacionadas con mamíferos. Nos muestra que pudo existir una evolución por una rama diferente a la humana procedente de los dinosaurios. O nos indica que estas especies vienen de un lugar diferente a la Tierra. Más investigaciones son necesarias.


Hace dos años, un guaquero se acercó al Instituto Incari en Cuzco mostrando estas momias. Incari promovió una investigación, contactando a las autoridades peruanas sin recibir respuesta. Posteriormente Jaime Maussan (Tercer Milenio) se involucró en las primeras investigaciones. Luego GAIA entró a participar, pagando por la mayoría de las investigaciones científicas. Ahora hay más científicos internacionales involucrados que están participando, debido a que la evidencia es real y presenta un descubrimiento significativo.


Si, lo son. Varios estudios realizados por investigadores internacionales lo indican, algunos de Perú, Méjico, Suiza, Estados Unidos, Rusia y otros lugares. Los análisis hechos son: taxonomía, biológicos, carbono 14, varios análisis de DNA, rayos X, tomografía, entre otros. El análisis de ADN muestra similitud del 15% a 30% con los humanos. El chimpasé tiene una similitud de más del 99%. Aunque estas momias muestras criaturas similares a los humanos no son humanos, no de nuestra misma rama evolutiva, sino de una rama procedente de los dinosaurios, evolucionado por otra rama. Ellos no son mamíferos. Son momias que no han sido alteradas recientemente, y que están en buen estado de preservación debido al polvo de diatomea que las cubre.  


Una es el escepticismo científico. Muchos científicos, sin haber analizado la evidencia se han venido oponiendo a este descubrimiento. Esta es una reacción natural en todos los casos de nuevos descubrimientos. Es bueno tener la participación de escépticos que se integren a las investigaciones. La mayor crítica viene de la falta de participación de arqueólogos. Un antropólogo peruano ha venido realizando investigaciones en la posible zona de su procedencia, pero ha recibido mucha presión e incluso amenazas por su trabajo.

Otra barrera es la falta de interés de las autoridades peruanas (escepticismo?). Actualmente un congresista peruano está preparando una ley que va a presentar  que promueva el control e investigación oficial de estas momias.

Y la barrera de la bien establecida mafia en la zona de Nazca. Muchos guaqueros extraen momias y las venden a coleccionistas internacionales. En algunos casos ellos encuentran piezas de oro en las tumbas. Este es un negocio en el cual si ocurre una participación y control oficial de arqueólogos, antropólogos y varios científicos que lo investiguen, esto afectará el mercado negó de la venta de momias en el mercado internacional.

El guaquero que hizo el descubrimiento y que ha permitido a los científicos hacer las investigaciones, desea colaborar con las autoridades pero le preocupas las implicaciones legales. Está dispuesto a entregar estas momias a las autoridades y hasta  mostrar el sitio del descubrimiento.


Estudios de Carbono 14 muestran una antigüedad de ellas de hasta 7000 años. Análisis de ADN indican que no hay una relación con los humanos, no procedente de nuestra misma rama evolutiva. Algunas momias tienen implantes metálicos y en algunos casos el metal es desconocido (más análisis son necesarios). Una de las momias pequeña tiene 3 huevos dentro del vientre. Investigaciones muestran que son huevos reales, como huevos de reptiles. Ver

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Five Steps Towards Transformation
Step 3: “Burning” negative thoughts

Our thoughts influence what we say, what we do and our destiny. It is easy to get use to have negative thoughts and live with them, without noticing their existence. No matter we can learn through the consequences of these negative thoughts, however, we should know we can select different thoughts, the ones that give a positive impulse to our life. What is really important is to know that there is a choice; we choose the quality of our thoughts, so the consequences of them too.

My mother’s experiences taught me the difference between pain and suffering, and how our thoughts affect us. She passed away 3 years ago. Her father died when she was a baby; she never met him. And when she was 13 years old she had a dramatic experience by losing her mom too; it was painful. So at a young age she had to live with a brother. Along her life, after this tragic event, she was feeling that she was a victim. And with continuous conscious and unconscious negative thoughts she maintained a constant emotion of suffering. Every one of us faces difficult events that cause pain in our life. But suffering is happening because the memory of this painful feeling is maintained, creating and emotion of suffering. Pain cannot be avoided, but suffering is a personal election. We cannot decide not having pain, but we can decide to take away from us the suffering. We suffer when we keep permanent negative thoughts, in our conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind. We have already talked about them in Step 2, and how to observe these thoughts, and reaching the state of self-awareness.

My mother in her last years suffered a mental disease that caused her to go back in time. At one moment she behaved like an 83 years old woman, a few months later she looked like a 25 years old woman, then like a teenager, then like a very young girl, and finally, like a baby holding her fur doll when she was dying. I noticed the precise time when she went through the age of 13 again; one day she was suffering like a victim, but the next day she was a very happy young girl. She went back in her mind to age of 13 years, before the dramatic experience of losing her mom. She passed away in the state of a happy and peaceful baby.

Imagine that keeping thoughts in our mind is like having a recorded film movie with all the memories. We have a movie that we watch it again and again. We record events and we see them back, sometimes because we want, other times unconsciously. It is good to have thoughts and memories, it is better to select the good ones, and get rid of the ones that can cause us suffering. So, how can we discard a negative though? We have already presented a method of handling them in Step 2, by changing their intensity (turning them black and white, looking at them in a distant monitor, etc.). We can also burn them.

Burning negative thoughts is a very efficient way to transform our mind. For this we need to create with our imagination a burning device. It could be a fireplace, an oven. Or like the one I use, a sophisticated and advanced technological device that absorb negative thought and burn them. Just find your burning device and change it when you need it. How does it work? When a negative thought is present in your mind, like and image, a feeling, or a sound, just imagine how you put this thought in your burning device, and how it is consumed and transformed in a higher level energy.  For example if you remember a scene that creates a nasty feeling inside you, do not reject this image or memory in your mind. If it is very painful reduce its intensity (by turning it in black and white or blurrier or smaller). Then, imagine this image or scene is visible in a screen that you fold and put inside your burning device. See how it is burned and consumed. Every time it returns, do the same. By doing this exercise, this negative scene in your inner mental movie will be discarded.

In some cases, when the memory of a negative though comes with a strong emotion, we must do something different. And emotion is like a feeling but it creates a reaction in our body. You feel an uncomfortable sensation in a specific part of your body or in an extended area of it; sometimes in most of your body. In this case, change in your burning device the fire by a strong light or energy, white, blue, pink or violet, and imagine that you get inside it. So if you feel this negative emotion do not reject it, just observe it, find where in your body you feel it. Breathe and then close your eyes and imagine you getting inside your burning device, now with light rather than fire. Let this light to clean your emotion. Alternatively to your burning device, you can use a cleaning device in your mind. In my case I use a water fall, where every drop of water emits light. When I get below this water stream I feel this brilliant water cleaning me.

If you realize that you can control your mind, rather than letting your mind to controlling you, you will modify your memories. Having negative or positive memories in our mind is our personal election. Observe your thought, transform them or burn them to create an inner transformation.

In the next step we will talk about having positive visualizations. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Five Steps Towards Transformation – Step 2: Watching Thoughts

From previous step:

The first step in this process was to reach Serenity. It is a neutral-positive state.
By practicing it I have noticed:

  • It is hard to have inner peace if continuous negative thoughts appear in the mind. However they can be controlled.
  • Breathing fresh air helps to reach Serenity. I found walking outdoors, feeling the nature, wondering I am part of it, clean my mind and I feel harmonious.
  • The best tool is meditation. If I practice it daily I feel great. The world could be collapsing around me but I feel imperturbable.
  • If we are anxious we do not reach Serenity. We are like “farmers”: sometimes we have to be very active by plowing and sowing, but other times we need to wait until the fruit is ready to harvest it. We are “anxious” expecting the fruit is ripe when it is not ready yet.

Step 2: Watching Thoughts

Have you tried to take out from your mind a thought or a nasty image you do not want to have? The more you try to reject it, the more it is coming back. The secret is not to fight with the thoughts, but transforming them. Nothing in nature disappears; it transforms in something else.

For example, if you have in your mind an image of something that imprinted a painful mark on you, do not try to erase it. Watch it in a neutral way. Transform it by changing it until its emotional force gets weaker. Observe this image; convert it in a black and white image. Do not throw it away; just see it in its new color of black and white. Then make it smaller; don’t reject it, just transform it in the same image but black and white and smaller. Keep reducing its size until it is far away from you and its colors vanished slowly. Every time this image comes back, do the same.

A big mistake some people make is imagining that their thoughts cannot be changed, or they are part of them, of their personality. “That is how I think, and I am what I am, and I cannot change it” – some people says that. This is not true. Everything can be changed; it is a matter of time and effort. If you think something cannot be changed you cannot do it.

In this step we will observe our thoughts. Initially we will not burn them, not in this step. We will do it later, in step 3. So here, we will observe them in a neutral way. If they are producing a strong reaction, we can reduce its emotional energy, but we will not reject them.

Our thoughts are conscious, unconscious and subconscious thoughts. How can we observe something that in not conscious? We will talk about it soon.

Observing conscious thoughts: This is simple. Just observe them. Be observant of your mind, and your reactions to anything that happens around you. Be a witness of what you think. Do not judge yourself; do not be too hard on you. There is always a good reason on why you thoughts are like that. They are inside you for any reason, or you are receiving an external impulse (like an external fluidal energy that resonances with your mind).  For example, if you feel something is really bad, observe this though and give it a neutral qualification: it is not too bad as it looks like, also is not too good as it looks like. For this, you have to position yourself “above” your thoughts as an external observer. If the emotional energy of them is too strong, reduce its intensity (by changing its color, distance, blurriness, volume level, emotional level, etc.)

Observing unconscious thoughts: You have an unconscious part in your mind that does not “talk” in the normal “language”. How can we observe unconscious thoughts?  Their manifestation is in our body. Observe your body. Is there any tension anywhere? How are you breathing? Do you feel a “sensation” anywhere in your body? Is there any feeling or emotion? It is nice, or it is not? The unconscious talk to you with feeling and emotions, that we can find in our body. Just breathe fresh air and reach the Serenity state; allow this sensation to manifest. If it is strong, reduce its intensity. Do not reject it. Accept it because it is a message your unconscious mind is sending to you. Allow this sensation to flow through your body and observe it. Give it the time it requires to leave you naturally.

Observing subconscious thoughts: The subconscious is deeper in our mind. We can find its manifestation in our dreams. Observe your dreams. Take note of them. Dreams use to talk in symbols. You have the interpretation of these symbols. What is your inner mind telling you? Is there any message in your dreams? Sometimes we do not remember our dreams, in our conscious mind, but in our unconscious mind we remember them. In this case, you wake up feeling better and somehow you know answers you were looking for, no matter you do not remember what your dream was. And dreams are not only images and sounds, they could be feelings that your conscious mind cannot interpret, but you unconscious mind can.

Do you think there is another way to observe your subconscious thoughts? If so, please share it.

In our next step we will talk about one way to transform our thoughts, by “burning” them.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Five Steps Towards Transformation


I know what I have to do in order to transform my life. Many people know it. I have been practicing some of the steps but not with the required rigor. Why I am writing a blog about it? It is not because I am an expert on this. On the contrary, because I am a beginner, and I need to practice it in order to put in order my life, which is currently passing through difficulties. So this blog is an invitation, primarily to me, and to others to join me, by performing this program of five steps. I am not a teacher on this subject, just a student with the desire of learning. Please feel free to contribute with your ideas and personal experiences if you really want to follow this process. Consider me as a fellow student.

The five steps:

1  -      Serenity. Reaching a state of neutral-positive thinking.
2  -      Watching Thoughts (positive and negative). They are conscious, unconscious, and subconscious thoughts.
3  -      “Burning” negative thoughts.
4  -      Tuning the mind into positive thoughts. (Positive visualization)
5  -      Closing the cycle with: LOVE.

These steps are based on Billy Meier teachings and from other great thinkers.

(Please consider my English is not good enough, but I hope it can be understood)

Step 1: Serenity.

Let's start with the first step. Serenity is a neutral-positive thinking state of mind. Reaching the state of Serenity put us in the right mood as a first step. It means not considering something as really bad, or too good (neutrality); and also considering it as a positive situation.

Fine, so Serenity is related with Positive Thinking. It means, “See the good in the bad”. Positive thinking must not be an illusory state of mind, where we think everything is fine, ignoring the obvious difficulties that show us that: not everything is fine. We see a world with a dangerous growing population, environmental damage, global warming, terrorism, wars, refugees, diseases, etc. So, how can we say everything is fine if we see real problems?

The key to Serenity and neutral-positive thinking is to be realistic, and see what is below the external appearance of this reality. Yes, global warming is changing the weather, melting the ice and soon we will see many people leaving their homes to find a safer place. Yes, we will see more wars and terrorism in the future. And we will see disasters and many people suffering. So how can we be positive and be realistic at the same time? The key is to realize that all of that will make all of us better human beings. A global feeling of solidarity could arise from these problems. Sometimes we learn by making mistakes. Humanity must learn from mistakes. Think that everything that had happened, is happening and will happen is our responsibility. We are causing it. It is happening because we did “something” or we didn’t do “something else” to prevent it. It is yours and mine responsibility. Recognizing it is the first step to make the change.

We reach the state of Serenity when we focus our attention on what we are, rather than what we have, or what we do. We can “have” things but we can lose them very easily. We can “do” so many activities, but circumstances may force us to stop doing them. But what we ARE nobody can take it away from us. If we are Peace, Harmony and Love, and we maintain this state, how can something, or somebody change it if we do not consent them to change it?

I suggest spending (you and me) the following days working on this, reaching the state of Serenity. Practicing daily mediation (or just relaxing for a few minutes every day).

For more information on Serenity (for Spanish speakers right now… sorry):