Sunday, April 24, 2016

Five Steps Towards Transformation


I know what I have to do in order to transform my life. Many people know it. I have been practicing some of the steps but not with the required rigor. Why I am writing a blog about it? It is not because I am an expert on this. On the contrary, because I am a beginner, and I need to practice it in order to put in order my life, which is currently passing through difficulties. So this blog is an invitation, primarily to me, and to others to join me, by performing this program of five steps. I am not a teacher on this subject, just a student with the desire of learning. Please feel free to contribute with your ideas and personal experiences if you really want to follow this process. Consider me as a fellow student.

The five steps:

1  -      Serenity. Reaching a state of neutral-positive thinking.
2  -      Watching Thoughts (positive and negative). They are conscious, unconscious, and subconscious thoughts.
3  -      “Burning” negative thoughts.
4  -      Tuning the mind into positive thoughts. (Positive visualization)
5  -      Closing the cycle with: LOVE.

These steps are based on Billy Meier teachings and from other great thinkers.

(Please consider my English is not good enough, but I hope it can be understood)

Step 1: Serenity.

Let's start with the first step. Serenity is a neutral-positive thinking state of mind. Reaching the state of Serenity put us in the right mood as a first step. It means not considering something as really bad, or too good (neutrality); and also considering it as a positive situation.

Fine, so Serenity is related with Positive Thinking. It means, “See the good in the bad”. Positive thinking must not be an illusory state of mind, where we think everything is fine, ignoring the obvious difficulties that show us that: not everything is fine. We see a world with a dangerous growing population, environmental damage, global warming, terrorism, wars, refugees, diseases, etc. So, how can we say everything is fine if we see real problems?

The key to Serenity and neutral-positive thinking is to be realistic, and see what is below the external appearance of this reality. Yes, global warming is changing the weather, melting the ice and soon we will see many people leaving their homes to find a safer place. Yes, we will see more wars and terrorism in the future. And we will see disasters and many people suffering. So how can we be positive and be realistic at the same time? The key is to realize that all of that will make all of us better human beings. A global feeling of solidarity could arise from these problems. Sometimes we learn by making mistakes. Humanity must learn from mistakes. Think that everything that had happened, is happening and will happen is our responsibility. We are causing it. It is happening because we did “something” or we didn’t do “something else” to prevent it. It is yours and mine responsibility. Recognizing it is the first step to make the change.

We reach the state of Serenity when we focus our attention on what we are, rather than what we have, or what we do. We can “have” things but we can lose them very easily. We can “do” so many activities, but circumstances may force us to stop doing them. But what we ARE nobody can take it away from us. If we are Peace, Harmony and Love, and we maintain this state, how can something, or somebody change it if we do not consent them to change it?

I suggest spending (you and me) the following days working on this, reaching the state of Serenity. Practicing daily mediation (or just relaxing for a few minutes every day).

For more information on Serenity (for Spanish speakers right now… sorry):