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Five Steps Towards Transformation – Step 2: Watching Thoughts

From previous step:

The first step in this process was to reach Serenity. It is a neutral-positive state.
By practicing it I have noticed:

  • It is hard to have inner peace if continuous negative thoughts appear in the mind. However they can be controlled.
  • Breathing fresh air helps to reach Serenity. I found walking outdoors, feeling the nature, wondering I am part of it, clean my mind and I feel harmonious.
  • The best tool is meditation. If I practice it daily I feel great. The world could be collapsing around me but I feel imperturbable.
  • If we are anxious we do not reach Serenity. We are like “farmers”: sometimes we have to be very active by plowing and sowing, but other times we need to wait until the fruit is ready to harvest it. We are “anxious” expecting the fruit is ripe when it is not ready yet.

Step 2: Watching Thoughts

Have you tried to take out from your mind a thought or a nasty image you do not want to have? The more you try to reject it, the more it is coming back. The secret is not to fight with the thoughts, but transforming them. Nothing in nature disappears; it transforms in something else.

For example, if you have in your mind an image of something that imprinted a painful mark on you, do not try to erase it. Watch it in a neutral way. Transform it by changing it until its emotional force gets weaker. Observe this image; convert it in a black and white image. Do not throw it away; just see it in its new color of black and white. Then make it smaller; don’t reject it, just transform it in the same image but black and white and smaller. Keep reducing its size until it is far away from you and its colors vanished slowly. Every time this image comes back, do the same.

A big mistake some people make is imagining that their thoughts cannot be changed, or they are part of them, of their personality. “That is how I think, and I am what I am, and I cannot change it” – some people says that. This is not true. Everything can be changed; it is a matter of time and effort. If you think something cannot be changed you cannot do it.

In this step we will observe our thoughts. Initially we will not burn them, not in this step. We will do it later, in step 3. So here, we will observe them in a neutral way. If they are producing a strong reaction, we can reduce its emotional energy, but we will not reject them.

Our thoughts are conscious, unconscious and subconscious thoughts. How can we observe something that in not conscious? We will talk about it soon.

Observing conscious thoughts: This is simple. Just observe them. Be observant of your mind, and your reactions to anything that happens around you. Be a witness of what you think. Do not judge yourself; do not be too hard on you. There is always a good reason on why you thoughts are like that. They are inside you for any reason, or you are receiving an external impulse (like an external fluidal energy that resonances with your mind).  For example, if you feel something is really bad, observe this though and give it a neutral qualification: it is not too bad as it looks like, also is not too good as it looks like. For this, you have to position yourself “above” your thoughts as an external observer. If the emotional energy of them is too strong, reduce its intensity (by changing its color, distance, blurriness, volume level, emotional level, etc.)

Observing unconscious thoughts: You have an unconscious part in your mind that does not “talk” in the normal “language”. How can we observe unconscious thoughts?  Their manifestation is in our body. Observe your body. Is there any tension anywhere? How are you breathing? Do you feel a “sensation” anywhere in your body? Is there any feeling or emotion? It is nice, or it is not? The unconscious talk to you with feeling and emotions, that we can find in our body. Just breathe fresh air and reach the Serenity state; allow this sensation to manifest. If it is strong, reduce its intensity. Do not reject it. Accept it because it is a message your unconscious mind is sending to you. Allow this sensation to flow through your body and observe it. Give it the time it requires to leave you naturally.

Observing subconscious thoughts: The subconscious is deeper in our mind. We can find its manifestation in our dreams. Observe your dreams. Take note of them. Dreams use to talk in symbols. You have the interpretation of these symbols. What is your inner mind telling you? Is there any message in your dreams? Sometimes we do not remember our dreams, in our conscious mind, but in our unconscious mind we remember them. In this case, you wake up feeling better and somehow you know answers you were looking for, no matter you do not remember what your dream was. And dreams are not only images and sounds, they could be feelings that your conscious mind cannot interpret, but you unconscious mind can.

Do you think there is another way to observe your subconscious thoughts? If so, please share it.

In our next step we will talk about one way to transform our thoughts, by “burning” them.

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